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Manufacturer of pins for agricultural implements

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replacement and fix damaged parts for half a year

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Includes plow and shovel pins, cultivator pins, etc

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Includes side chains and other related parts

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Including all kinds of ashmil, crepe, etc

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Sale Department

You can now contact us for more information about any of the products of Tohid Industrial Group, including plow pin, second product, third product and.. All products of Tohid Industrial Group have a 6-month warranty and in case of product failure, it will be replaced or repaired by providing a warranty card. Also, for one week, if you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can receive the paid amount. For more information and to receive the product catalog, please contact the sales department of Tohid Industrial Group.


About Tohid Industrial Group products

Delivery was done on time and all parts were delivered according to the order. Thanks and good luck to Tohid Sanat Group and Mr. Semezghandi

Seyyed Saleh Mirhafez

MLB co internal manager

The quality of the products is similar to Romanian and Turkish tools and so far we have not had any problems with replacement or repairs

Mr. Kazim Safaee

Pishgah Group Sales Manager

The high production capacity of the requested parts and their timely supply by Tohid Industrial Group has increased the products and improved the production line of the complex. We hope that this cooperation will continue at the highest levels with the same quality.

Saman Sadr-al-motallebi

Ahvaz Mashin CEO